Hi, I'm Kathryn!

I am a wedding photographer based out of Denver specializing in Colorado outdoor mountain weddings for laid back couples who love the outdoors, adventures, and most importantly each other!

I've been married for 5 years to my amazing hubbie, Chris. I wish I could say that it's all been dandelions and rainbows and that we are pros by now. I also wish I could insert the "unsure smiley face emoji" right here. But unfortunately that's just not real life! Marriage is hard work like they say (insert eyeroll emoji). But it's worth it a million times over! There are so many areas in which I'm pretty dang flawed, that Chris excels in. And vice versa. (Though I'm pretty sure I have the most flaws!) We are constantly pushing each other to better ourselves. To communicate well, be more selfless, patient, kind, better at serving the other, turn off the lights when I leave a room, pick up his clothes off the bedroom floor ahem... I could go on, but just to name a few. ;) And I think that's a pretty incredible journey! It can be really painful and overwhelming at times, but also so rewarding when you see progress. So now that you've read my ramblings for the last hour, I'm getting to my bottom line here. I think it's so important to be planning for a successful marriage, not just a fun, beautiful wedding! Marriage is a lifelong journey, and I would love to begin it with you on your wedding day!


  • The beauty of the mountains will never get old. I'm obsessed.
  • Harry Potter is one of the most brilliant book series written. Ever.
  • Those wedding to-do checklists are insanely overwhelming no matter how type A you are. Seek help!
  • Emojis are a very valid way to express yourself.


  • My fave dessert is a toss up between a Dairy Queen double fudge cookie dough blizzard with chocolate ice cream, and gooey chocolate chip cookies.
  • Hubs and I were noooot exactly love at first sight. It's pretty funny and you should ask me about it.
  • We traveled to Italy and France with our son Cruz when he was 5 months old.  It was incredible!
  • I love dancing and karoake and will bust it out 100% sober, unashamedly, at any time.
  • I will cry during the mother son dance. Just do us all a favor and don't look at me mmk.


My goal as your photographer is to keep it real. I strive to capture genuine emotions and natural interactions, while making you look like models! It's an amazing skill, I know! (winky face emoji) Don't worry, we'll get to know each other beforehand so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable in front of my camera, and we can create pure magic together. It'll be fun, I promise!