Hi, I'm Kathryn!

I am a wedding photographer based out of Denver specializing in Colorado outdoor mountain weddings for artsy, laid back couples who love the outdoors, adventures, and most importantly each other!


  • Cuddling is important for my day to day sanity.
  • The beauty of the mountains will never get old.
  • Motherhood has given me a glimpse into the massive heart of God and enabled me to love a million times bigger.
  • Harry Potter is one of the most brilliant book series written. Ever.
  • Marriage requires constant surrender and is all about trying to out-serve one another.


  • My fave dessert is a toss up between a Dairy Queen double fudge cookie dough blizzard with chocolate ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies.
  • I love reading, particularly fiction books that take place during World War II.
  • I play in a coed dodgeball league.
  • Hubs and I were noooot exactly love at first sight. In fact, we literally didn't notice each other for a solid 4 months of weekly encounters.
  • I used to teach hip hop in college. Watch out for me on the reception dance floor ;)


My goal as your photographer is always to capture real emotions and natural interactions, while making you look like models! I realize that most people may not be very comfortable in front of a camera, and I am there to make you laugh, relax, and have fun doing it!

              Prrretty sure we should go ahead and chat. Let's do this.

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