Hi there I'm Kathryn, the lady behind the camera! I'm a wedding photographer who specializes in mountain weddings for laid back couples who love the outdoors!

I'm passionate about :

                  Buying everything I can on Amazon Prime.                      

Pretending like I'm not crying while watching This Is Us.   

Following contestants from the Bachelor on instagram and talking about their lives with my sister like I actually know them.

Normal important things like my cute husband and 2 tiny baes.

I'm super interesting, I swear. Read more about me here!

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We are prrrobably meant to be if any of the following resonates with you:

Traveling, the mountains, sports, craft beer, hiking

Tearing it up on the dance floor

A love for sweet baby Jesus, cheese, Netflix or bacon


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Email :

Call or Text : 678.427.8926

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