“Once we got the photos back, it was like living the day and its magic all over again. She caught so many happy tears, laughs, smiles and all the emotions came flooding back. A whole year of planning came and went in what was truly the best day of our lives. We can’t express enough how much it means that Kathryn was able to capture it all!” -Sidney and David

 What to expect with Kathryn as your wedding photographer?

  • A lot of laughing and positivity.

  • The perfect amount of weirdness.

  • A little bit of extreme closeness in order to move a funky chunk of hair or tuck a runaway strap etc.

  • A passionate storyteller.

  • A bit of tearing up during toasts and first dances. I’m invested in your life now, ok?!

  • A lil dancing and lip syncing to the best jams.

  • A chill and adaptable human by nature, who can put on her bossy pants when needed.

  • Someone who genuinely cares about your love story.

  • Someone who is dedicated to seeking out the perfect and not so perfect in between moments throughout your wedding day so you can relive that glorious day forever and ever.

  • Someone who craves real, raw moments and will capture the essence of what makes you, you.

  • Someone who strives for authenticity and creativity and not their next picture perfect instagram shot.

  • A new friend!

  • Someone who will provide an incredible photography experience for you from start to finish, make you feel loved and cared for, and is rooting for your marriage!

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